The Engineering Ambassador Network is a nationwide collaboration of Engineering Ambassador programs who use outstanding communication and leadership skills to change the conversation that middle and high school students, particularly women and underrepresented groups, are having about engineering. The member programs in the Engineering Ambassador Network are united by their dedication to developing Ambassadors who will be strong future leaders in the engineering field and who utilize their leadership skills to recruit the next generation of engineers. Member programs in the network participate in collaborative training events as well as an annual national conference.

This video demonstrates an outreach talk by Engineering Ambassadors to a high school physics class. The talk in this video explores Felix Baumgartner's jump that broke the speed of sound. Drawing on the physics principles that the high school students have been learning in the class, the two Engineering Ambassadors explain the physics used to reach those supersonic speeds. The Ambassadors also carry the underlying messages that Engineers make a world of difference and that Engineers contribute to the health, happiness, and safety of society.

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